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The Government implements a large number of services for the welfare of public, which produce and require massive amounts of data, often unstructured, at high frequency and increasingly in real-time. These large volumes of useful data in all departments exist, but are not being put to use due to the lack of a common and centralized platform, thus restricting the ability of the State Government to use such data to its fullest potential to contribute to planning and decision making. It is for this reason that the Government of Tamil Nadu set up the Data Analytics Unit (DAU).

The DAU is a specialized unit established by the Government of Tamil Nadu in March, 2015, as a collaborative effort of the Department of Economics and Statistics and the Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency. The Government of Tamil Nadu entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Abdul Lateef Jameel- Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, which will enable the involvement of some of the best development economists in the world in the formulation and evaluation of various schemes in the State in key sectors. Tamil Nadu will be the first State in India to establish such a unit.

The main purpose of the DAU is to study and analyse large volumes of existing data already available with different departments, to enable improved policy making for better service delivery. The DAU gathers usable data generated from the activities of different Government institutions, and compiles it into a centralized platform. Their objective is to provide data based recommendations to the government, to aid in informed decision making. The DAU works on institutionalize the use of data at all levels in the Government by providing proper technology to enhance data collection and transmission capabilities.

In an oncoming age of technological advancements, to make an optimum use of technology in decision making and planning is the mission that the Data Analytics Unit (DAU) aims on achieving. This will empower the Government in quicker, more effective and more organised collection and retrieval of data when required, while empowering the citizens to access information about policies and services of the State. This is a citizen centric initiative and the ultimate beneficiaries will be the public for whom the welfare schemes are formulated.

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This portal has been designed to by the Data Analytics Unit for the benefit of the citizens, as well as the better working of the Government bodies that exist to serve the citizens.